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Anchor Consulting Maine tailors innovative solutions to your vision of a better future for your business, organization or community. We use our expertise to guide you in navigating the often unknown, rough waters that can interfere with your ability to chart a new course. We help you make transformational change happen.


Anchor Consulting Maine works with corporations, thought leaders, communities, agencies, think tanks and nonprofits to turn creative ideas into transformational change. We offer clients strategic planning and project management services to effectively design, launch and message organizational change, special initiatives and impactful public-private partnerships.



  • Facilitate Collaboration/Coalition Building Strategy

  • Internal/External Relationship Management

  • Project Management and Implementation Support

  • Research and Report Writing

We also provide sophisticated event planning and logistical support for high-level, high-quality leadership meetings and team engagements such as:

  • National Association Conferences

  • Corporate Board Meetings and Retreats

  • Nonprofit Annual Events

  • Policy and Educational Seminars

  • Community Roundtable Discussions

  • Keynote Speaker Selection and Panel Development

ABOUT sarah-hach-prinicipal-anchor-consulting

Sarah Hach is the principal and senior consultant for Anchor Consulting Maine and is based in the Portland, Maine area. Sarah has 20 years of project management, public policy, communications, event management, research, economic development and political experience in the corporate, philanthropic, education and government sectors.

Sarah has directed and produced events nationally and internationally for the University of Westminster/Smithsonian Institution Nobel Laureate Initiative in London, presidential campaigns, economic summits, corporate annual meetings with nationally recognized speakers and multi-stakeholder policy conferences addressing complex societal issues.

Sarah currently serves in a consulting/project manager role for FocusMaine, a private-sector led initiative with the objective to strengthen and revitalize opportunity and prosperity in Maine, by accelerating the creation of quality jobs within a few select traded sectors that have high growth potential based on global growth projections and Maine’s competitive advantages in those sectors.

Prior to her family making a “move of intention” to the beautiful state of Maine in 2013, Sarah was the Community Programs Director for the Bohemian Foundation in Fort Collins, Colorado where she directed the strategy for the organization’s annual community investment to area nonprofits.  At the Bohemian Foundation, Sarah implemented Bridges out of Poverty Northern Colorado as the first foundation led initiative to improve economic sustainability in the community and help under-resourced individuals and families permanently transition out of poverty.

Additional professional experience includes serving as the Northern Colorado Director for the Office of Economic Development for Colorado State University, Director of Business Retention and Expansion for the Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation – named by the regional newspaper as one of the area’s Top Five Business People, working in senior level positions for political campaigns and elected officials and as a research associate for urban theorist Dr. Richard Florida on his book The Flight of the Creative Class while completing her Master of Science in Public Policy and Management degree at Carnegie Mellon University.



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